Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Perfect Blue

So Ethan has this crayon that has a name. It's name is, "Perfect Blue." Each week when packing the diaper bag Preston and I have to make sure perfect blue is packed. And when we return home from church he needs to be moved back into the crayon box. Ethan can not complete a masterpiece without his "Perfect Blue."
Well, Perfect Blue is on it's last legs. His wrapper is gone and he is one or two masterpieces away from disappearance. So this morning Ethan wakes me up frantically yelling, " Mom, I can't find perfect blue anywhere." I tried to ignore this but eventually found myself( at an
indecent hour) searching the house for perfect blue.
Ethan then yells, " Mom I know how we can find it. We should say a prayer." I was reluctant. I didn't want his faith in prayers to be based on one crayon that wasn't found. Finding that crayon in this house would be like finding a needle in a haystack. Ethan insisted.
Well his prayer was said, and a few minutes later the perfect blue was found. I felt humbled. He then reminded me that we have to say a prayer to say "Thank You." I was grateful too. Grateful that Ethan had an experience with prayer, grateful for a boy whose pure little faith teaches me, and grateful that the search for blue was over and I could return to bed!


campblondie said...

SO cute! What a good little boy you have there. With or without the cinderella dress ups.

benseyleb (really just lynsey is typing) said...

so cute. i think his name should be changed to perfect ethan. if he stays on this track he and his little crayon are going to be translated. you made me laugh SO HARD by the way, with your alternative titles to our post. love your sense of humor, love it!