Monday, September 10, 2007


Today was Ethan's first day of preschool. I know it is JUST preschool but it was a pretty big deal around here. If I were to describe Ethan in a phrase I would say," Slow to warm up." Once he warms up your lifelong friends but it takes him A LONG time to get used to new people and situations.
So this morning began with 30 min of crying and Ethan sobbing," Please don't make me go. But after a special First Day of School smiley face pancake and LOTS of promising that there would be art projects he decided it would be alright.Charlotte(this week is at her house) said that he sat by himself in the corner for the first hour but by the second he joined in. Hopefully he got all his shyness out of his system today so he will have a blast for the rest of the time.
Tyler was a bit lost without Ethan. He kept walking around the house calling out Ethan's name and asking, " Where Ethan go?" They don't show it too often but I actually think those two might be FRIENDS! Who would have guessed?

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