Sunday, October 7, 2007


What a great day! This has been the best day.
We started off the day with our tradition of Big Breakfast on conference Sunday. It was delicious. Preston made hash browns and bacon and I made pancakes and eggs!

Then we watched our second day of conference. I just want to say I LOVE conference. These last two days have been wonderful. How blessed I am to be able to hear actual living Prophets teach me the truth. I felt so much gratitude today for this gospel and for those Holy men. When the last session came on today Tyler actually got his pillow and blanket and laid down right in front of the TV to watch "confince." My testimony is strengthened and I feel inspired.

Still full from our feast for breakfast the little boys and I enjoyed Berry Smoothies. Preston won't eat anything with a vitamin or mineral in it so he opted out of the Berry Smoothies and had Ramen Noodles.

Another reason this was THE PERFECT DAY is the weather. For someone who has never lived in the desert it may be hard for you to understand this but after 4 1/2 months of 100+ temperatures this weather is PARADISE!! Last night we opened the windows and turned the air conditioner off for the first time since we moved into this house in April. It has been beautiful, sunny and in the 70's all day. We went on a walk/bike ride between sessions. This isn't something we've really been able to do midday since moving here so maybe you can understand why this is such a big deal to us!
It reminds me of the talk in conference when he said that a family took vacations all over the country and the son said that his favorite part of the summer was laying on the grass with his dad and looking at the stars. This day has been perfect because I was able to enjoy the blessings the Lord has given us with the people I love most. I wouldn't have been anywhere else!

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benseyleb (really just lynsey is typing) said...

nowhere else??? how about in NC with your BFF's getting autographs from an apostle? how about that? looks like a great day, i can almost smell the ja dour in the bathroom. three cheers for confince!