Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So as you can see we carved our pumpkin last night. This is actually the first year since we've been married that we have carved a pumpkin. All years prior to this we've been too lazy. The boys loved it...but they wouldn't put their hands inside to scrape out the seeds-they said it was scary in there! I think it's pretty funny that they will eat trash off the ground at the fair, get into the trash bags that have been sitting in the hot trashcan for four days, and stick their fingers in their noses at least once a day but sticking their hands inside a pumpkin....now that's scary!


benseyleb (really just lynsey is typing) said...

awwww, the fam! you guys are so great. did you bake the pumpkin seeds afterward? that's the best part. congrats on the first pumpkin carving in golding family history!

Meggan Hayes said...

The kids are cute....oh wait that is the pumpkin. Wish we were in warm weather.