Monday, October 29, 2007

Survivor Man 2007

Preston went on the "Survivor Man" camp out this last weekend. They left on Thursday and returned Saturday and I think the name of the camp out fits it perfectly. Actually a more fitting name might be crazy man or stinky man(because let me tell you they did stink upon returning.) They went out in the wilderness for three days two nights equipped with nothing but the clothes on their backs, water purification tablets, flint and steel, and 1 snickers bar. They had to survive eating plants and whatever they could catch(there were no fish so they had to eat things like crawdads...sick!)
To me the whole point of camping is smore's, roasting hot dogs on a stick, waking up cozy in your sleeping bag and the sunshine pouring through the windows of your tent. Maybe I am a girl but fighting over which rock you are going to lay your head on(they actually had a fight over who called which rock first), eating grass and weird dirty crayfish. Well I guess they learned some great survival skills.... if times ever get tough we know that
Preston can catch us a crawfish! Whew, what a relief that brings!


Anonymous said...

here's my question: does g-money know that you put that picture of him on the world wide web?

campblondie said...

Was there a soft rock or was this all over a regular old hard one.

benseyleb (really just lynsey is typing) said...

ol' beddy bye is looking great sporting the orange. it brings out his saudi arabian side.

Wendy Kenck said...

Man are you crazy! I guess all that camping and scouts w/ dad really got to you.