Saturday, December 8, 2007

I'm back!!! My last post was Sunday and just a few hours after that post I got really sick. This has been the Golding season of sickness. I feel like we all have been sick continuously since October but this last week was the worst. First Tyler had the stomach flu, complete with all the great things that bug brings, then it was Ethan, we all remember the the throw up mentioned in my last post, then on Sunday it was me. It really knocked me off my feet during a time of year when each day counts. After three days of my sickness getting progressively worse I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Strep Throat. YUCK!!! I had it a lot as a child but getting it as an adult was a different story. But HOORAY for modern medicine...after a few rounds of antibiotics and some narcotic painkillers I am back on my feet and ready to tackle the Christmas cookies that need to be started, the Christmas letter that needs to be composed, the advent calendar that was half way sown when the fever hit, the Christmas shopping that has barely begun, the Christmas lesson that needs preparing, and the holiday party thats a week away. YES!!!! I love this time of year!

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The Holloways said...

SO glad you are back in the blogger game again. :) I have missed reading your great blog entries...they always make my day!