Friday, December 21, 2007

We're Back

I am finally back. It's been a while with the trip to Utah and Idaho and since we've returned late Monday night we've hosted a Christmas party, had a preschool meeting, had and repaired a flat tire, Preston has had three job interviews, I've done all the Christmas baking and shopping for our family, attended the ward Christmas party where Preston played King Herod, did my December visiting teaching, spent an afternoon at the doctor for Ethan's VERY infected finger, fed the missionaries, sewed more I SPY bags for the Young Women Camp fund raiser than I can count, prepared my Christmas lesson for Young Women on Sunday, and learned and rehearsed the song I will be singing in Sacrament Meeting. Basically what I am trying to say is that things have been busy. But I love it!!! This time of year is my favorite...I feel an added measure of the spirit in our home and I love actually hearing songs on mainstream radio that talk about Christ.
I wanted to post some things from our Utah/Idaho trip. It was really wonderful to see our family, and all the old college friends(Mitch makes a great coconut syrup!!!!) ...We LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!
Here are some Highlights from our trip

Lucy, Marcie, Ethan and Tyler loving the snow
Ethan loved seeing the Snow...none of that in Arizona
Tyler pounding Parmesan Cheese at Chucky Cheese
Ryan and Triana Graduating!!!
Tyler so sleepy that he fell asleep on the cement floor of the Kirkham
Getting to spend some time with Papa
Meeting sweet little Ava!!!
Seeing the Fishbacks!!!(Straders we are still waiting for pictures)
Ava's Blessing
Preston and Austin jumping from the pool to the snow....Crazy!!!!


Charlies world said...

MmMmMmM...maybe we should call you wonder women

benseyleb (really just lynsey is typing) said...

yea! we had so MUCH fun with you guys. ben thinks you are still mad about the lion house. please don't be. that caramel apple made up for the sub-par rolls. i do feel like a piece of poop over that "gift exchange." yours? classy and nice. ours? hmmm. white elephant of country christmas love. so happy we were able to spend some time with our BFF's under the blanket. we LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

benseyleb (really just lynsey is typing) said...

ps-pictures are coming. sorry for the delay.

benseyleb (really just lynsey is typing) said...

psss-we left a lovely christmas message on your phone last night. we'd better hear from you ASAP. we are in EMERGENCY MODE here! ben just said, and i quote, "harry really IS real." he has been reading the books and won't put them down!! he says he needs to talk to someone who "understands" him. apparently, this time, i am not enough.

The Mortensen's said...

Hey!! I'm still trying to get this blog thing figured out!! I just read your comment about "elf yourself", I'm way behind..I know!!! Anyway, I'm glad you thought it was funny its a lot cuter with little kid faces!! I did one for my brother's family, their son is 10 months and I just cracked up watching it!! Well I hope you didn't think I was ignoring you...!Sorry!! Have a Merry Christmas!!!

Lindsey Dubree said...

It's time to take down the Christmas music and put up some Seger. Seriously.

Tina in CG said...

Has Preston lost his mind??? (the snow thing was just...idiotic!) Sorry about today....thanks for saying you'll be my BFF...I'll call ya tomorrow! ( know how I am!)