Monday, January 14, 2008

Tonight for FHE we learned about the Plan of Salvation. It was so sweet to see Ethan absorbing it and asking so many questions. He was most concerned with death and making sure that he got to live with his family forever. We talked about judgement and explained that we could have our family forever if we went to the Celestial Kingdom...some pretty deep concepts for a four year old. So for the rest of the night every time Ethan did something naughty ie: hitting Tyler, he would then ask me if I thought he would still get to be with our family in heaven. He kept saying, "this is my last bad thing I do forever. I won't do it again so I can live with you guys in heaven." I explained and reexplained that we are always going to make mistakes, everyone of us, everyday of our lives, and tried to help him understand repentance but I am not sure how much he absorbed. He was the most reverent I have ever see him during family prayers( I suspect it had something to do with the whole living with your family thing.) What a funny boy. We'll see how long this NEW and IMPROVED Ethan lasts.
On a different note I am LOVING this weather. I am trying to absorb every bit of it that I can. It has been sunny and perfect this last week. Tonight after FHE Ethan and I went out to look at the stars. We laid on the driveway and talked. Ethan is getting older and I have so many mixed emotions about all of the changes I am witnessing in him. I am PANICKED about him going to school this fall. I know it's still months away but I can't believe my little guy is going to be gone from me 7 hours a day surrounded by strangers. I don't know how all you mom's do it!!! But the part that I am loving about him growing up is being able to communicate with him. Tyler is still at a pretty primitive level, " I want a drink," "My tummy hurts," but now Ethan and I can really talk and it's one of my favorite parts about being a mom. I love getting to know his little personality and see what he's inherited from me, from Preston and what's uniquely his. He's a good boy and I am so grateful to have him.


benseyleb (really just lynsey is typing) said...

that was so fun to read about ethan growing up. i know what you mean about school, caleb's only 2 but i have heart palpitations thinking about it. you have two adorable, good boys. i love the picture of you guys chillin on the driveway. is that a favorite pastime in old casa grande? we should try that here in NC. our neighbors already think we're crazy...what do we have to lose??

Brooke Gilchrist said...

I can't believe Ethan will be in school this fall!! I'm glad we still have another year and a half left to get Aden ready but mostly for me to be ready! 7 hours-I thought Kindergarten was only half a day-is it a full day now? Let us know how it goes and any preparation tips :)