Saturday, February 9, 2008

Day 10

Favorite Thing Day 10
Ginger Almond Hand soap and Lotion

I love, love, love this yummy kitchen hand soap and lotion duo from Williams-Sonoma! Given to us by Preston's parents, this is one of my favorite luxuries in my house. It smells divine, softens my hands, and looks great. I have to admit, I'm pretty selfish with it and if the kids need to wash their hands I make them use the DIAL soap in the bathroom. This stuff is too good to waste on those who don't appreciate it's loveliness!

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Elise said...

oooh I too love this stuff! it's simply the BEST!
I went through a period in early pregnancy where smells of any kind bugged me, and I wanted to throw it all out. Dustin convinced me to save it, and now, I am enjoying them again.
I love splurging on a nice luxury for myself sometimes. A yummy lotion is awesome becuse I know for me, I am always washing my hands!