Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Day 6

Favorite Thing Day 6

They say," simple minds...simple pleasures" and after this blog post you may think this of me. But my favorite thing today is Gain's "Apple Mango Tango" scented laundry detergent. It smells so delicious you almost want to taste your towels when washing your face. I just washed our sheets and the whole house smells DIVINE!!! I can't wait to snuggle up in them tonight.


Lauren said...

So Andrea, I have to apologize, I didn't know that you were leaving comments. I didn't even notice! Sorry for ignoring you! Things are going great here. I am trying to catch up on the blog and hopefully I'll do better now.I love your blog and your kids are adorable! I hope you come out here soon, or you could just move out here and then we could have fun all the time. :)

The Holloways said...

ABSOLUTELY AGREE! I LOVE this detergent! I want to wash EVERYTHING and just put it all in a big pile and lay right there burried under it so I can soak it all in--the scent is SOOO yummy!

benseyleb (really just lynsey is typing) said...

the other morning i woke up and had chewed through my pillow case. now i realize it was probably because my laundry detergent smelled so good.

ps-this is also ernest's favorite scent of laundry soap & everytime he gets it out to do his laundry he makes everyone smell it.