Friday, February 8, 2008

Day 9

Favorite Thing Day 9

We have a funny little coincidence in our family. Both of my children were born on the 8th. Ethan in June and Tyler in March. And so, while I am sharing things I love this month, I knew that my favorite thing on the 8th would have to be my BOYS!!

Things I love about Ethan:

  1. I love the little artist in him. He LOVES colors more than any human I have ever known in all of my life. When I tell him a bed time story it goes something like this-

Me: Once upon a time there was a little boy...

Ethan: What color was his hair, his shirt, his eyes, his shoes ,ect.

Me: And he went for a walk in the woods…

Ethan: Were there flowers in the woods? What color were they? Were there trees? What color were their leaves?

Me: While he was walking he saw a little bunny…

Ethan: Was he wearing any clothes? What color was his hat? Did he have a flower in his vest?

  1. I love his prayers. They have become so sweet. I love that at EVERY prayer he is thankful for, “the rainbows and all the colors in the world.”
  2. I love having him here in our family. I can’t believe it’s been almost 5 years. He is one my best friends.

Things I love about Tyler:

  1. I love that no matter how often I clean his face 5min later there will be a dirt ring around his mouth
  2. I love his chubby little feet that we have a hard time finding shoes for.
  3. I love his small raspy voice(did I say small. I meant loud…especially at the grocery store)
  4. I love that when he wants a fruit rollup he says, “I want frowup.”
  5. I love that if I cry he comes over patting my back saying, “Is OK mamma” until I am smiling.
  6. I love that although he’s almost three he’s still my little baby.
  7. I love that most animals to him are camels or dogs.
  8. And I love that little drooly smile!


Sha said...

Wow! Tyler's eyes are so blue and handsome. I think they might even be a "perfect blue" color.

Matthew said...

when is carlos going to make your "favorites" list? i've finally given carlos a middle name: luis.

carlos luis


Kristin said...

it's cute how different you're boys are, in looks and in personality. I love that about my kids too.

benseyleb (really just lynsey is typing) said...

your little fellas are too much for my heart to take in. i can't wait for the day tyler brings home his first girlfriend, he's got pictures of camels on his walls, and introduces them as horses. and i can't wait to buy an 'ethan original' as soon as he takes to canvases and acrylics.