Saturday, February 23, 2008

Favortie Thing Day 23

Alright folks, I am sorry I fell of the blogging bandwagon with the whole "favorite thing" idea for a few days. You know it's just that" sometimes you feel like a blog...sometimes you don't" (first one to name the comercial that comes from gets a prize) So today's favorite thing will be really special to make up for lost time. Are you ready for this? You may want to sit's......HARRY POTTER!!!!
I love Harry. There was a time in my life where I would say I bordered on obsessed. I dream about Hogwarts( really, I actually do.) When I was pregnant with Tyler and suffering through all the nasty morning sickness the only thing that made me feel better was to lay with our flannel blanket wrapped around me in front of the air conditioner and listen to the Harry Potter audio CD's. I have so many other Harry Potter memories that I would love to share but...I don't want to creep you out too much so we'll just leave it here. Harry Potter is REAL!


The Holloways said...

I would have to say--well, I don't know. Is it Almond Joy? Or is it Mounds? Hmmm....or is it some other spinoff commercial that I have never seen?? :)

I LOVE this post--I hate to say it isn't because I love Harry Potter. I have never even read the books--sorry. But I love it because Ethan looks SO DARN CUTE! :)

I suppose someday I might actually buckle down and try again to read the books...maybe I've just gotta start on the right day...

benseyleb (really just lynsey is typing) said...

i am amazed it took you this long to write about the other man in your life. ben calls harry our "adopted son" and kept lecturing him in book 5 for being so whiny. i don't know what it is....but this j.k. rowling lady was onto something!