Friday, April 25, 2008


1. Why did Tyler think the small upholstered footstool at the library was a toilet?
2. Why did he go into serious meltdown because the boys were calling him "Baby Elephant."(Screaming) "I not Baby El-A-Pant(Sob...Sob) I TYLER."
3. Why is it funner to dump all the toys out instead of playing with them.
4. What is so amusing about bodily functions that causes the boys to roll with riotous laughter every time one happens!
5. Why don't we have any girls?
6. Why won't Tyler keep his pants on?
7. Why did I just find a brown substance on the carpet...and why am I the one who has to clean it up?
8. Why are kids so gosh darn cute when they wake up in the morning?
9. Who invented Sponge Bob and what is wrong with them?
10. Will we ever be invited back after Tyler's "accident" on their carpet last night?
11. How the heck did he get blond hair?
12. What's so bad about being a baby elephant, anyway?


Rachel H. said...

That just sounds too funny--all of it--though I am sure it wasn't at the time.

Did he really go to the bathroom on a footstool? Oh man....

But, I do love that little picture you posted of him. It looks SO cute! Probably pretty hard to get mad at a face like that!

Julie said...

You can come back anytime you like. Don't worry about it. The only thing I can smell in the house is the onions, no traces of the other stuff. At least it didn't happen in the pool!!!

PS - There were about 500 people (or maybe closer to 20) at the church this morning and we were home before 8:00am.

bensey said...

lol andrea. love that your friend has forgiven tyler of his trespasses. i think he is the most hilarious little fella around.

Sha said...

Ha ha!! Did you take that pic of Tyler?! It looks so professional. Yeah, where DID he get his blonde hair? Mr. Postman?... just kidding.

Marci Ward said...

That is the cutes picture ever! I love it. I can also really relate to the enjoyment of BOYS!! Andrew recently used the vent in his room as a toilet!
What a joy!