Friday, April 11, 2008

I googled singing opera and this is what they gave me!

I really needed this night of freedom. Preston and the kids are at a Father-Son camp out and I find myself here in silence! For a girl who was SERIOUSLY anticipating this night of solitude I am pretty surprised that three hours in here I sit in front of the blog. I had big plans for myself...but then this afternoon I remembered that we now only have one car so I would not be shopping or seeing a movie by myself(weird I know, but something I've always wanted to do.) But I wasn't discouraged...I was going to read and work on a project and watch girl movies and take a bath and sing opera - THE WORKS. But here I sit bored with my book, too tired for the creativity my project demands, and completely not in the mood for a movie. The only option I have remaining is the Opera...hmmmm I'll think about that one.
But still I am excited for this - my first time in 6 years...and I needed it.

I need it because today Tyler refused to eat his own apple but ate every bite of mine.
I need it because insomnia has struck and I haven't slept much in a body aches and Tylenol PM is calling my name!
I need it because I kept a mental tally and Tyler needed his clothing changed 18 times this week.
I need it because my brain can't think and my mouth can't talk about caterpillars anymore!
I need it because I walked in to find Ethan chopping my BEAUTIFUL roses on the counter and I burst into know you've lost it when your crying over flowers!
I need it because if I have to listen to Ethan's,"Songs That Make Kids Happy" CD one more time I might need mental help - loving my Coldplay CD right now.
I need it because Tyler has started a new habit of chewing up his food and then spitting it into little piles on his plate...and as endearing as that is I just wanted to eat my dinner in peace tonight.

Well, this opportunity may not roll around for another 6 years...can't waste anymore time - I'm off to my Opera and blanket. Wish me luck!


Sha said...

Was it all that they crack it up to be? I have been entertaining the thought of having my own solitude girl's night, but I think I'm too boring for my own self.

benseyleb said...

who posted that picture of pdg singing on the internet? that toupee is fly. hope you enjoyed your night!

Rachel H. said...

Wow...good luck with a night out. I too have that whole list of stuff I want to do and yet it boils down to one thing when I actually get the chance.

May this one night give you all the energy and patience you need for the next 6 years! :)

lizS said...

dude, six years? what the heck is wrong with your husband? does he want you sane? try not to make it six years next time. heck, try not to make it six months! i'm not saying anything crazy like a weekend off (that's a once a year thing) but like a night? what's wrong with that? take a girls' night once a month, doctor's orders! you can thank me later!

Emily said...

I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I was all alone... Congrats on taking some "time off" for yourself!