Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tyler came barreling into my room, tears flowing, and he was screaming, "Momma, Ethan hurt. Ethan hurt." He was panicked! I ran out and found Ethan's arm jammed in the treadmill. Luckily I kept a cool head but poor little Tyler LOST it. He just stood right next to the captive Ethan and bawled and reminded me every TWO seconds in a voice near hysteria to, "Get em out Momma! He hurt!"
This is a little boy whose purpose in life is to torment and tattle on his brother. If Ethan wants to watch Nemo - Tyler wants Cars. Ethan wants spaghetti - Tyler needs chicken nuggets. Ethan wants the light on - surprisingly Tyler now hates the light. As sad as I was to have to watch Ethan suffer in the treadmill I was actually happy it happened - they love each other!!! I guess I always knew it - somewhere deep inside - probably the same part of me that knows that one day my children will appreciate me, rise up and call me blessed, the same part of me that knows someday I will be able to take a shower with out someone throwing a toy inside or that eventually I won't have to beg them to wear underwear - you know that part that knows the truth but you won't believe it because it just seems to impossible!
Nothing - and I really mean nothing is sweeter than watching your kids love each other...and so this little experience today with Tyler hurting for Ethan was precious...too bad it ended within 15 seconds of Ethan's freedom!


Rachel H. said...

That is SIMPLY PRECIOUS! :) I hope Ethan is okay, btw...

It IS such a worry that the kids will grow up continuing to fight and bicker and hate each other! :) So, it's so nice to catch that glimpse of "love". Thanks for sharing!! What cute little pics too--amazing how quickly they change!

campblondie said...

I know there is someting insightful and/or witty to say right now, however, I can't get over Tyler's face in that last picture. Seriously might be the cutest thing ever.

bensey said...

poor ethan..hope he is okay. i love the first picture where tyler very obviously outweighs ethan by a good 20 lbs. such cute brothers.

sorry i didn't call you back last night. by the time we finished i was so tired i started speaking in tongues.

Anonymous said...

i was listening to the sons of provo soundtrack yesterday on the subway, and I was jammin to "everclean." will swenson was singing the third verse...it went a little something like this
"everclean. cleaner than listerine"

and then all of i sudden, i heard kirby in the background sing "so minty fresh...and clean."

dead serious. listen for it. priceless.

Emily said...

So cute! It is comforting to know that your kids really do look out for and love each other even when they really don't show it! Cute bathtub picture!!