Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Out of the Mouth of a Golding

What should you think about while you are praying?
"Flushing the Toilet" - Tyler Golding

"Momma, Ethan keeps taking my eyes out" - Tyler Golding

"Momma, Ethan keeps taking my brain out" - Tyler Golding
(You better believe it took some SERIOUS restraint to keep my comeback to that one to myself!)

"How many times do I have to ask you guys to do something before you'll finally do it!"
-Andrea Golding grumpily muttering under her breath.
"5 times"- Ethan Golding's response

"Ethan quit taking Tyler's eyes out! " Andrea Golding

Ethan: Do you know what I am feeling today ?
Me: No. What are you feeling?
Ethan: I 'm feeling very sasperated. ( Exasperated)
Me: What does that mean.
Ethan: I think it means I am in Love

"I have to tell you about this special kind of banana bread that has real bananas in it. Can you believe that? Banana bread with real bananas!"
- Ethan Golding


Rachel H. said...

That is all too funny! You have got the funniest boys ever! :)

SmileKatieLovesYou said...

"Those boys are so cute. They say the funniest things. Tell them HI for me!"
-Katie Russell

bensey said...

i love the 'sasperated one. who is he in love with?