Saturday, June 21, 2008

Plates and Forks

(This picture is completely unrelated but hilarious nonetheless...this is what Tyler dressed himself in. Dirty Shirt on top and Clean Shirt on bottom.)

Last night Preston was reminding the boys of the scripture story we had been reading

Preston: "Remember last night Nephi went back to get the plates from Laban..."

Tyler: " Did him get the forks too?"

We had a good long laugh!


campblondie said...

Well, if your not going to do the whole job don't even bother!

Sha said...

Hilarious little Golding boys! Yeah, I've been pushing the idea of moving to either Arizona or Alaska. There are good things at both places: if we move to Arizona, we'll be close to the Goldings, and if we move to Alaska, we'll be out of debt sooner. Juan is my witness that I've been hoping for Arizona ever since we started reading your blog and saw how perfect a match between Siena and a Golding boy would be. ;^) How are you feeling? I hear that eating a truckload of ice cream helps.

parkinfamily said...

So I was looking at Juan and Stacia Chavez's blog and I saw a "Preston and Andrea" and thought that there was a small chance that it was you guys and ta da...there you are! How are you? Where are you? We live like half a mile away from Juan and Stacia. Do you ever hear from Chris? I am so excited to see you guys...your boys are adorable!

Jen (Russell) Parkin

The Glover's said...

Too cute. Aniston was trying to get dressed by herself too and she looked the same way. IN fact I am going to blog it too.How are you doing?

lizS said...

oh, man! you gotta love kids! just when you think they aren't paying any attention to what you're!!

Michelle said...

too cute! That is pretty funny :)