Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rachel's most recent comment has reminded me that I am in a SERIOUS blogging slump. But that's a lie, it didn't really remind me, I was VERY aware of my lack of blog inspiration. I've sat down and started several posts, only to delete them minutes later. We're going on almost two weeks...that's no good. Before you know it this blog will find it's self with the same fate as my journal with an entry once a year. That would be such a shame. I really have loved blogging...actually I just remembered that I started this blog about a year ago....sometime in early September. Wow! I feel so proud, it's like watching my baby turn one. I'll have to plan a special birthday celebration. OK I'm losing topic here. So...basically I've hit a blogging slump. Not an ounce of creativity in me at the to continue this boring post I'll just give you a sample of the mundane we've experienced around here lately:

Ethan starts school Monday and we bought all of his school clothes this week. They wear uniforms at his school and the other day I forced him to try all his new school clothes on and model them for me. By model, I mean whine and stomp and beg me not to make him put on a belt and shoes. What a mean mom...a belt and shoes...cruel and unusual. He was adorable with his little polo and khaki pants, he looked like a little business man. You know I will be out there the first day embarrassing the smile right off of him snapping all sorts of pictures.

This one isn't boring...We've had company here for a couple of weeks. Ben Strader, is going to grad school here and they have been with us while they get settled. It's been fun...Preston is an early bird and he usually falls asleep super early so it's been fun having people stay up and party with me every night!!

I've had a series of strange dreams...really strange. I just dreamt that I was trapped in an elevator during an earthquake and it bounced me inside like a bouncy ball. I kept hitting the ceiling...OK, I'm taking a stand, putting an end to this boredom. Are you sleeping yet. I told you things have been boring.

I had a few more boring experiences to share but this is putting ME to sleep. I can't imagine what it's doing to you.

To end this on a more exciting note... here's a yummy recipe I just's a sad day when the most interesting piece of info you can share from your last two weeks is a cookie recipe. But thus it is. It's from the New York Times and described as the World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookie. I tried them and they were VERY VERY good and they stayed soft for days...well I'm not sure they lasted that long in this house but they stayed soft for as long as they lasted and that's a big accomplishment for dry and hot Arizona.


lizS said...

hey welcome back! and your post is totally not boring. you know what "they" say, someone else's everyday is always more interesting than your own! and my daughter jonni started school this last monday (i haven't posted it yet, but i intend to soon, been tired) and there is hope! i was totally prepared for her emotional angst and my own, for tears and heartbreak and meltdowns, and...nothing. i mean it. jonni did perfectly fine with everything, and when i got home, i actually felt great. i even got some much needed organizing done in my house. (jonni takes up a LOT of attention, and erik plays very fine thank you by himself, so i am able to get so much more done during the day now that jonni is in school) the secret to my success? blessings. they work! john gave one to both jonni and i, and they made all the difference! good luck, sweetie, let us know how it goes!

Rachel H. said...

Andrea--never a boring post from you. You are seriously one of those people who could write about the ant you watched crawl down the street and it would be totally captivating!

WELCOME BACK! I do love hearing from you...a Golding post makes my day!

And a Golding post that has the world's best CHOC CHIP RECIPE? WOW! That is DOUBLE good! I can't wait to try them!

Tell the Strader's hello! We are so happy you guys all get to be close again and hang out. What lucky people you all are! :)

Hope the big prep for the first day of school goes a-okay. I can't believe it's come to soon!!

ericandjanine said...

I'm just glad that you're back. I know how you feel having nothing exciting to write about. That's how my pregnancy has been...puke...lie on the couch...puke! When something relatively fascinating comes a long, I just have to make a really big deal about it and act like this is what we do all the time!!