Monday, September 15, 2008

Here it is: the life threatening injury!!
Do you remember what it was like when you were 3? I'm not sure if I remember 3 exactly, but I do remember being little. I remember the way food tasted, it was so much more intense. I remember dry heaving when I had to eat disgusting things, which at that point in my life most things were disgusting. I remember how angry it would make me when the "grownups" laughed at me and my dry heaving and how unfair it was that they didn't believe me, " I'm not faking it really is disgusting!"
I remember thinking for hours on end about the Lisa Frank stickers at the store and that all my problems would be solved if I could just have them. I remember thinking that when I could finally do a cartwheel then I would be"cool." I remember running around and jumping and climbing and hearing my grandma say, "Oh, I'd give anything to have her energy," and I remember thinking, " What energy? What is she talking about? Grown-ups are strange." I remember all those things and more. I mostly remember always thinking that, "as soon as I'm a grown up all my problems will be over. Grown-ups have it soooooo easy. And I am going to remember this and never be mean to little kids!"

I do remember and I do try very hard not to be "mean" to little kids. I try so hard not to laugh when Ethan tells me he's not tired as he cries and rubs his eyes and throws himself on the floor. I try so so hard to hold the laughter in when Tyler calls me a mean Momma when I won't let him have chocolate chips and lemonade for breakfast and insists in his loudest and most serious voice, " Dis IS a healthy BREF-KISSST!!!" But I couldn't help it today. I couldn't!

You see, Tyler had a fatal wound this morning. A wound that threatened to end his life, all three years of it, and he was pretty sure that he was dying. "Momma it's's Blood-Ing" No matter how many times I kissed it, hugged him or reassured him he'd be OK he became more frantic. I didn't want to laugh....I really didn't. But I just couldn't help it.


lizS said...

that's hilarious! my little girl threw a GINORMOUS fit on saturday. it was one of those with alot of throwing of oneself on the floor and flailing one's arms and legs while screaming that mommy and daddy just aren't being fair!! i admit it. i laughed. a lot, which of course only made her more enraged, but it was either laugh or beat her, and i thought, on the whole, laughing leaves less bruising for dcfs later.

Talmage & Kelly said...

I LOVE reading your blog Andrea! And how true this is! I have two pretty dramatic kids and it really is funny to hear myself say things I remember my parents telling me as a child. Crazy how that happens!

Marci Ward said...

First off....I also remember wanting Lisa Frank stickers, pencils, and folders so bad it made my teeth ache! So funny! Andrew likes to say he is BLEEEEEEEDING...even if there is no blood, no mark, no stratch. They are pretty funny! I'm glad to here that your kids are the same way. (by the way, when does that four year olds are amazing and thing happen? Andrew just turned 4! I can't wait)