Friday, September 12, 2008

Tyler's Ideal of Style Charlotte just reminded me I guess I owe you some post yesterday. Oops. So for today...hmmm I am at a loss. I do have a cute Tyler story in his typical clueless fashion.

So yesterday at preschool Tyler's friend Hudson put on a cowboy hat and was playing. Tyler thought he should have a hat too so he put a lampshade on his head. The mom hosting preschool said, "Tyler you're silly. That's not a's a lampshade." Tyler then said, " It's not lampshde it's ...stylish." Oh I love that boy.


bensey said...

between running around buck naked & wearing lamp shades on his head, that boy is definitely stylish. i don't think i went one day at your house without seeing that cute kid's buns.

Charlotte said...

ha! too cute :0)