Thursday, October 23, 2008

I went to Ethan's parent teacher conference today. Fortunately I have nothing sensational to report. I mean, this post would be more "gripping" if I told you that she said Ethan was the most out of control Kindergartner she's ever taught, or if she told me she had sent his test scores to the "Nation Genius Institute". You would all be interested if I told you that she thought he was musical prodigy or something - I mean, now that would be something to blog about. But nope, this will not be that kind of post.

He's doing great, pretty quiet and shy, but well behaved and a good student.

But that little conference was so surreal. I felt like a 6 year old in her mom's clothes pretending to be a "grownup." I just kept thinking, "Is this really happening. " I mean, it's official, if it wasn't before it is now, I am GROWN. I am a "grown up." I am old. I feel like a need to go take a vitamin or drink an Ensure or something! My knees hurt!


Rachel H. said...

I never did picture Ethan being the Kindergarten trouble maker! :)

I definitely know that surreal feeling--even sometimes at the Dr's office, or having to say "my son, or my daughter" to someone feels SOOOOO grown up. :)

I toast an Ensure to growing up and raising happy families!

Marc Gilchrist said...

Aden is in the local elementary school preschool. It's 5 days a week for 3 hours. Pretty much just like kindergarten. I debated putting him in because I'm not ready for 5 days a week but it seemed like a good idea and he loves it but because it's part of the elementary school, I had to go to Parent teacher conference. Man, it was weird. I felt exactly the same way-what the heck am I doing here? I just positive I could go back to high school and fit right in-looks and all :) (maybe I'm lying to myself a teeny bit there) Cheers to surreal moments of being all "grown-up"!

Sha said...

So jealous of your Mexico trip... mostly of the spa, tacos, beach, everything! It's awesome that you guys got to go and take a break.

Eyepoke said...

So if you are feeling ... oddly grown-up?... how do you think I feel?! ;)

I've made it to 35 and as far as I can tell that sensation doesn't ever go away. 24 seems like yesterday. And at 24 I felt basically 19, which is about when I met you (you were 10ish). So it's wierd... All the evidence logically points to me being not only an adult but faced with being middle aged... but I can't seem to come to grips with it. It's like being in a state of shock after crashing your car without getting hurt.

They crucified Jesus when he was younger than I am.

You know, CS Lewis said that the fact that we are always in this sort of state of shock about time passing is a sort of evidence that we are not "native" to time, but rather that by nature we are suited for eternity. I think he compared it to a fish constantly being suprized at how wet the water was.

Glad Ethan is doing well. We also just had our first parent teacher conf.... it didn't wierd me out though... maybe I am adjusting somewhat after all.

Anonymous said...

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