Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Things have been so busy here lately and I just haven't found myself overly inspired to blog. Usually something happens and I just "know" that I have to blog that. Well, that hasn't happened in a while. But due to popular demand (and by that I mean one email from my dad) I am back and blogging.

So here are a few of the most recent Golding happenings

We have been crazy painting fools around here. Preston even suggested last night, as we were painting with every lamp and lantern in the house so we could see what we were doing, that we should start our own professional painting business - that's how good we've gotten. Not really. I feel like I spend as much time fixing mistakes and doing "touch ups" as I do painting the entire room. Here is the finished spare room... I still need to hang curtains and pictures which I think will make a big difference.

Ethan has fallen in love. Her name is Hayley and he walks around spelling it all the time. H-A-Y-L-E-Y...if you spell it wrong watch out!!
(dressing himself once again)

I drank urine for the first time. That last line sounded completely too happy. I didn't mean that I chose to drink urine for the first time. Let's just say that Tyler had a lot to do with that experience and that it's one I will never forget.
(the man responsible)

Quick Trip is my best friend. I am now a " diet coke- caffeine free- with a shot of vanilla" addict. I want to stop, I try to stop and yet I can't. My car just drives me there...I am going to quit someday - just not today. An addict in her finest form.

Ethan is on his second day of fall break. He is loving his freedom. No uniforms, bedtimes, alarm clocks, and homework!! He's one happy boy. Today, with the freedom to pick his own outfit, he chose ratty, five sizes too small, faded sweat pants. There's a man in the making!
(Yes that is a piece of bread he is eating...strange kid)

OK well there you go. An update. It's got a little bit of everything for you, addiction, freedom, danger( I'd call Tyler's urine dangerous), foreign lands, love, and interior design. Oh wait I didn't give you the foreign lands part. We're going to Mexico. Before you go getting all excited and envious, let me just say we live 3 hours from Mexico and we are driving and we'll be sharing a condo with some friends. Don't get me wrong it will be SPECTACULAR but...I don't want you to get the wrong idea...it would be the same as someone in my home state of Illinois going to Missouri. Doesn't sound so spectacular when you say, "I'm driving to Missouri." Just putting it in perspective for ya folks!


Rachel H. said...

Your walls are gorgeous! Your kids are crazy! Your trip sounds fun, despite the 3 hour drive. :)

Glad you posted today. I was beginning to wonder about you!

micah said...

andrea...i'm glad you're back to blogging. i have actually been meaning to yell at you for not updating more often...not that i have room to talk because i never update my blog. and good luck becoming unaddicted to diet coke. i've been working on that one for a long time.

Corttney said...

Hey it is Corttney, You guys did an awsome job painting that room! I bet you will have a awsome time in Mexico.Hope I can see you again sometime.

Dustin and Elise said...

wow, what a great room! very pretty. it does look like you hired someone to do that (and I mean it in a good way, as in, it loks great!)
Dustin finally gave in and is letting me paint Devin's room! Yay!sad part is, I haven't figured out how I want to paint it yet.

Have fun in Mexico!

bensey said...

seriously drizz, you have outdone yourself with that room. we've given up our apartment and are moving back in. is that okay? we will even drink urine to sleep in that lovely milk-chocolate colored room. well no we won't. but we'll put applejuice in our cups and fake it.

did you get my email?

thursday...si or no?

Marci Ward said...

So how did you end up drinking urine? I am sorry but a phrase like, I drank urine for the first time, needs a little more of an explanation!
I LOVE the room, it is amazing and when can I come to stay? JK. But it does look great!

lizS said...

yeah, i'm with marci. i wanna know about the urine, lol!

Andrea M. said...

Wow! What a cute room. You should be a professional interior designer. You'll probably have to lay off the urine though.

Michelle said...

Oh Andrea, I laughed so hard at all the funny little things your kiddos do-- WOW you are a better woman than me! Also when can I hire you and Preston to come and paint in my house?!? Gorgeous work!!

Talmage & Kelly said...

LOVE the room. Is that just semi gloss and flat paint? I want to paint Kenzie's room pink and someone mentioned doing semi gloss and flat stripes...if I could make it look that good I think I'll try it.

Ryan and Triana said...

THe room looks awesome! I can't wait to come visit you so I can sleep in it!
Well you two are so lucky your going to Mexico. Have fun and behave yourselves! He he!