Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Again with the thoughts...yikes two days in a row this is getting scary. There have been years that I look back on and think, "wow, I was pretty clueless that year." Not now... I have really felt like this has been a "stretching year" for me. I have learned so much these past twelve months...I felt like I was being pulled to become more of myself.
(I like pictures on blogs, they get my attention but as much as I tried I just couldn't put a picture of me all by was just too weird.)

So, in honor of my 25 years - here are 25 things I have learned this year...

  1. I absolutely LOVE broccoli
  2. Little Boys are a Lot of Work (wait...I think I may have already known that one)
  3. I want to be a nurse
  4. Never leave three little boys alone with hundreds of paper plates
  5. Never leave three little boys alone with hundreds of plastic cups
  6. Never leave three little boys alone with 8 rolls of paper towels
  7. Girl friends make me happy
  8. Little Boys make me happy
  9. Books make me happy (Again...I may have already known that...but I know it more now)
  10. To Surrender
  11. That I care too much what others think of me
  12. I hate hospitals (unless there is Mud Pie involved)
  13. That I am never alone...there is One constant in my life
  14. To listen
  15. Pay closer attention at the beach
  16. I need to trust myself more
  17. Garbage men can be reckless drivers
  18. I don't hate dogs
  19. Diet Coke and Alfredo Sauce are my weakness
  20. ...about a little evil called a Chocolate Chimi
  21. Some books don't make me happy( I'll let you guess what book I am speaking of)
  22. My sister will always be my best friend
  23. Mexico and massages totally change lives
  24. I am a lot stronger than I thought
  25. I have so much left to discover...


Eyepoke said...


oh to be only 1/4 of a century again!

lynsey said...

there are a couple more i could think to add to your list but will restrain myself due to your blog lurkers. :) but this list made me think about what i have learned & i just might copy you on this one.

ps-we should have listened to you guys & stayed in drama 2008 has reached its peak! to think we could have avoided all the lameness & just gotten fat off of your fantastic cooking. boo hoo.

Menghinifamily said...

I think just "never leave three little boys alone" is a good one.

The beach will never be the same...

Rachel H. said...

What a great list! I really love this idea and might have to use it too!! :) What a great way to reflect...