Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas was fantastic...we had a good time this year enjoying Preston's time off work and eating ourselves into a stupor. Here are a few of the events of our Christmas...
1.The Spaghetti Factory. A Golding Family Tradition to eat Spaghetti Factory every year during the Christmas Season.
Notice the cheese caked on Tyler's Face...yummmYeah, he's licking the parmesan cheese off the table...what can I say? He's an animal.

On a side note...Spaghetti Factory is having adult entrees for $2.35 and Kids meals for $1.99 on January 6th...just thought you might like to know.

2. Baking, Eating, Baking and Eating some more.
Santa's Dipped Oreos...I don't know for sure, I mean, I didn't get to talk to him BUT I think he LOVED them!

3. Preston as King Herod...what more can I say? Priceless!

This was his, "no more paparazzi" look

4. Having a sit down with Santa
You can see the panic in his eyes

This is the first year he's sat on Santa's lap without serious amounts of screaming!

Although I know it's not true...when I look at this one I think he and Tyler look like old friends-possiblly discussing the "good ol' days" in elf school.

5. Irony
This picture was taken on Christmas Eve....a Valentines display !!!

6. Presents...
Preston putting a toy together with real tools and Tyler helping with his new tool set.

Ethan's favorite present - Light Bright
Tyler's favorite present - Bud's Ark. We are still trying to convince him that it's "Noah's Ark" but he swears the bearded man's name is Bud...
7. 24
Rented on Netflix...they have taken over our evenings. Go Jack!!

8.The Coolest Aunt EVER!!!
Check out the gift my sister Lindsey bought the boys...she now goes down as the coolest aunt in the history of aunts!


Rachel H. said...

LOOKS like loads of fun! I love your tradition of the spaghetti factory--how yummy! And Preston's paparazzi pics was a hit! TOTALLY funny.

And DANG you have a nice sister...what a cool aunt!! :)

lynsey said...

soooooo. we will be around on the 6th. how about tyler & caleb lick the cheese off the table together? looks like you guys have had a great time. king herod is fantastic!

campblondie said...

Glad to see the pictures, and mostly glad you put up mine and preston's rock and roll debut. Let it be known, I will be back to ROCK!