Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ethan and Tyler are two different kinds of guys...

Let me demonstrate.

So Tyler got wet this morning and was cold and whining, basically wanting me to solve his problem..."Momma I cold...Momma I need to be warm....Pwease make me warm...." you know basic kid stuff. Then Ethan who sometimes proves wise beyond his years says,

" You know Tyler, everyday when I wake up I feel very cold. So you know what I do? I go downstairs and sit in the sunshine. It always warms me right up..."

Seriously that is what he said. Well, I overheard this across the house and I got the giggles and couldn't be stopped... Is he 70? Is he wearing a sports coat and drinking Metamucil...what 5 year old says that?

Next thing you know he'll be telling Tyler how Cod Liver Oil helps keep you "regular" and reminding him to wear his socks..."You know pneumonia is caught through the feet...keep those socks on, young fella..."


Sha said...

You always have just the right pictures to go with your posts... which, by the way, always make me smile.

Ian and Sarah said...

hi. how are you? haven't talked to you for a while. hope all is well. happy birthday ty ty.