Sunday, June 21, 2009

Interesting conversation with Tyler

Ty and I were reading a book. It talked about how Mom's and Dad's love their children and will always protect was really pretty sweet and so when I was done reading it I said to Tyler," Tyler, do you know that you are one of the most important people in my world. Do you know that I love you and will always take care of you?"

Tyler said, "Yes. I know dat...and if a bad guy comes you will give me a big sword and I will cut off hims arms and den hims legs and den hims eyeballs and den hims head. I will cut all dose things off dats how I will take care of you. That's what you mean when you say you will take care of me?"

So there I sat - my mouth hanging open. Who is this kid. Where on Earth did he learn that. I think I may have missed that episode of "Handy Manny." "Uhh, yeah Ty, sure, I guess I can take of you like that. Yep. I am real good with a sword. Professional actually."


Michele said...

That sounds like a boy to me. Isn't it interesting what kids learn, I have no clue half the time where they get it from.

janine said...

sounds like a young ammon!--i'm just saying.

Christy said...

Hey Andrea, I'm totally missing you and glad you are part of the blogging world again. I will try to call soon, you busy superwoman!


campblondie said...

It's fortunate swords are readily available in your ward.