Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Shenanigan #3

Well this will make my second post of this sort today...
Tyler decided that his toy box would make a better swimming pool.
Yep. That's right.
He emptied the toy box and filled it with water. Now when I say filled it. I mean one cup at a time. You see the toy box is too big and heavy to get hefted up to their small sink in their bathroom. So Tyler attacked the bottled water supply in our food storage area and emptied them into the toy box.
Where were this child's parents you ask? Well like I said earlier, I am pretty darn sick and Preston was out at the store getting items for my...sickness. So...they were unsupervised. I could hear their movie playing and assumed all was well. Seriously, have I learned nothing in my years of mother to insanity?
Tyler was naked and enjoying his own personal swimming pool.

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Michele said...

Andrea you have some amazing stories of your boys! I just laugh because I can see my boys doing some of the same things. Hope you get feeling better!