Monday, August 3, 2009

So I have no idea how to compare boys to girls. In case you've forgotten, I've never had a girl. However, I do consider myself the expert on all things boy. I know my share about how silly and dirty and crazy they can become with a few unsupervised minutes....
So in honor of this I will be posting a new chaotic moment from my life everyday - this will be one challenge I will have NO trouble keeping. There is at least one moment of craziness every single day when you spend it with these two boys...
I am kind of excited to see where this will take me.
I think to start this new challenge I will back track a bit and share a few of my "favorite" Ethan and Tyler shenanigans of the past

1. So this one comes just from Saturday. Someone( we'll have to check the cameras to see who) decided to stop the sink in the bathroom and turn the water on full blast. We discovered this when the hallway carpet was soaking wet, the ceiling in the garage downstairs was starting to sag and leak and Tyler was laying on his tummy in the wet hallway and yelling, "Look at me, I am swimming!"

2. Another Saturday example(you see I told you it wouldn't be hard) Tyler squirted a full size tube of toothpaste all over the loft which, by the way, is carpeted...apparently he was drawing the ocean.

3. This one happened in Seattle. We were living on the second floor apartments and Tyler and Ethan took the 10 cases( Why did we have 10 cases of soda on our balcony, you ask? Well that is a story for another day) of soda out of their boxes - they then started to chuck them down into the courtyard. Yep, 120 cans of soda pelting the common area...Mess does not even begin to describe it.

Okay - I could go on and on...but I have done my duty for posterity...I'm tired. Stay tuned for tomorrow and I'm sure we'll have another

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Emily said...

I think your new challenge will make me more grateful for girls. Except on my blog I could start writing about all the times we have tears and screaming and hair pulling over the dumbest little thing. I remember when we had that much soda too, what a great deal that was!