Sunday, September 6, 2009


So I am back. I have been on a mini blogging hiatus. I love blogging - a great outlet - and seriously the best family scrapbook. I love looking back on the last two years of blogs...that's right this blog just had it's second birthday...and seeing everything that we've done or all the funny things the kids have said.
But, when things get crazy, it's the first to go. School started almost two weeks ago and it has been just too crazy...
I took lots of pictures the first day - fully intending on blogging the entire event - but that didn't happen.
Tyler started preschool and he LOVES it. Whenever Ethan talks about school and what they learned that day Tyler follows with, "Yeah, I learned dat in my class too." Ethan will say, "today someone got sent to the Principal's office..." and Tyler will follow, "yeah, kids get sent to the Principal's all da time in my class." (btw - his class is at a lady's house in my ward...doubt they have a Principal's office."
Ethan started school the same day - and well, he wasn't quit as enthusiastic. Two weeks in, and things are better. But these last two weeks have been crazy and trying and I think they took two years off my life expectancy.
A few highlights:
  1. My Billy Madison moment...A classroom full of 6 year olds and one 26 six year old. I liked first grade so much that I decided to do it again...Complete with lunch box
  2. Giving up my heels for two weeks because I feared breaking my ankle while chasing Ethan.
  3. Making it into the newspaper...a reporter touring the new school reported of watching a 1st grader bolting out of class as his mother chased him down...what he didn't know was that was my 12th time that hour...
Well we are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel - keep your fingers crossed for us.

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