Sunday, December 20, 2009

it's been a long long time

Sadly, my blog has been neglected this Fall. So here goes another of my long and random posts....

Okay - So I know this is old. But I never got a picture posted of Ethan's Halloween costume. I posted Tyler's robot getup months ago - So keeping with the box theme Ethan decided to be a present. A Christmas Present at Halloween. Original, eh? And speaking of presents - Ethan has given me a few lately. He's so sweet. The older he gets the better he gets. Seriously, I hope this gives all of you in the terrible two's hope - If he keeps going at this rate maybe the teen years won't be so scary. Here's a few of his most recent compliments
- "Mom, if I had a paint-able jacket. I would paint your face on it and wear it everyday."
-"If someone offered me all the toys in the whole store to trade in my mom...I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't trade my mom in for anything in the whole world."
(I overheard him telling Tyler. He then followed it with the statement that he would trade Tyler in for a Ring Pop. Nice.)

The kids and I enjoying our new fire pit. A new Christmas tradition...nightly fires and s'mores.
The man responsible for said fire-pit. I would like to say that this backyard has been a labor of love. But its Sunday and I'd hate to lie. I am thinking of writing a book about this back yard and I have a few titles in mind...
"Man Verses The Wild."
"How To Lose Your Mind and Your Bank Account. A 10 Step Guide"
"Everything I Know About Suffering I Learned From My Backyard."
Seriously, I could go on all day.I have to give some major praise to Preston. He has persisted when I would have probably throw up my arms, ran away and then paved the whole backyard with concrete. But not him...he has spent almost every night in that backyard working by spotlight, hauling, digging and working. Good Job, Preston! It's still not finished - but much closer - we are hopeful that it will be done sometime before Ethan returns from his mission. These pictures are pretty bad - I'll post some better ones soon.

Look at Jace's chubby cheeks. I could squeeze those -actually I do. Every. Time. I . See. Him!!
The Electric Light Parade...and Tyler's new favorite thing - Thumbs up!
You know you are old and boring when you not only take but post pictures of your lemon tree. Seriously, lets hope after nursing school starts I have more of a life. However, it was an exciting day around here - After 14 months of being a lemon tree owner, My little tree is fruitful. The kids have been threatened that if they pick the lemons prematurely their lives will forever change. Oh, and Riley needed to get her snout in there. Such a Diva!
Can you see I am not talking about the deer in the head lights look - I am talking about his missing tooth. This is the best picture I could get! He lost his first tooth the day before Thanksgiving. He was so secretive about it- I think he thought he was going to be in trouble. I mean, if cutting moms blinds apart with scissors lands you major punishments - what is pulling out one of your teeth going to do? I found a trail of blood and certain that one or both of my children were mortally wounded, frantically began interrogating Ethan as to its source. He wouldn't speak ...When I came into the room he was writing "Mom, can I have a glass of chocolate milk?" Such a funny kid - he planned to communicate only with crayon.
He has 3 more teeth that are loose -I still can't get over the fact that he's old enough to lose teeth!
Ethan - Last night.
Preston was out to the movies with a friend and I was enjoying the rare experience of pure "aloneness." I am sure there is a better word for that... I had a warm blanket and a girl movie - pure heaven. Ethan kept coming down - threatening to ruin my solitude - and so I informed him that if he came down again there would be consequences. And wonder of wonder - he wasn't to be seen again. I finished my movie in peace and when I went up to bed I found this sight. Apparently, not wanting consequences, he chose to sleep on the stairs to be close. Ahhhhh - once again I was reminded how much I love this little guy. This makes up for all the times he screams that I am, "The MEANEST Mom EVER!!!!" It was a definite self esteem boost - I mean, When was the last time you had a guy sleep on stairs just to be near you? Pretty Sweet!


Rachel H. said...

Always love when you pop in and do an update. I can hardly believe how quickly and BIG your boys are getting. Seriously, Ethan is forever in my mind as like 3 years old. :)

How fun to have a lemon tree! And a cool backyard firepit. I would TOTALLY be out there all winter using it thinking!

Elise said...

how sweet! I totally miss Ryan being little like that where his mamma was the coolest. It goes by so fast (sigh)
Love the firepit. Looks like fun having smores in your yard.

~Hartwig Family~ said...

Of what I can see of the backyard.. It looks GREAT!!! So, glad you posted. Your kids are great!

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