Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mother of the Year

In our house the tooth fairy isn't really big into giving money. It seems like the boys just haven't quite caught on to the idea of money and how cool it really can be. So...the fairy usually brings Ethan some sort of dollar toy and maybe a few quarters just to keep up with tradition.

now for my Confession. I made a fatal error. I promised my nearly hysterical 6 year old that if he was good while the dentist pulled his tooth that I was certain the tooth fairy would bring an extra special prize this time... And my plan was brilliant. He did really well - compared to the melt down he had in that place last week he earned a gold medal. It would have been perfect if not for one small detail...I totally forgot to go get this extra special prize. My grandparents came into town and we got so busy the rest of the day that I completely forgot until 11 tonight. So I scoured the house for something and well... here's what the guy will be waking up to tomorrow morning.

  1. A Headlamp - courtesy of our food storage - Umm I mean what six year old doesn't need this?
  2. A Glass Bear Figurine from my Bridal Shower in IL 8 years ago - I would love to be a fly on the wall when he tells his children one day how his mother gave him a Bear in a Wedding Dress from the tooth fairy. Desperate times call for desperate measure.
  3. And a Bag of Fake coins from our Bacardi Game - I can't even come up with some funny comment about this - I mean, really. This is not pretty.
Seriously I can't wait to see his face when he sees this assortment of treasures.


Elise said...

cute! It's the thought he will remember when he is older.

KMitchell said...

I bet Ethan will think the tooth fairy loves him the most. Love it!

amandamenghini said...

I think it's great. Kids love anything new! But it will make for a funny story when he is older...

campblondie said...

I want a headlamp.