Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Made me happy…

1 During our lesson when I asked Tyler what he loved about Ethan he replied, “Ummm I love dat Ethan calls me his servant.”

2. Tyler’s over active gag reflex. Whenever we laugh too hard he shouts, “I’m gonna throw up.” And bolts from the room. Tonight when he did this Ethan looked at me and said rather matter-of-factly “Don’t you love how Tyler always pretends he’s going to throw up? Such a cute little guy.” If it wasn’t for the lisp caused from his extreme lack of teeth I would have thought I was talking with a grandpa.

3. Cuddling with my boys and talking about our day.

4. When Tyler said (completely serious) he was “thankful for goofballs, “in his prayer.

5. The way those two make each other laugh.

6. Singing songs with Tyler – while he drummed with a hairbrush, made my necklaces into bells, and did a rather impressive beat box

7. Going to bed early even when there was still homework to be done. HaHaHa I laugh in the face of danger.

8. My sister. Announcing that the “Big News” she had me anticipating was that after much thought and consideration she had “decided to change muffin’s name.” And yes…muffin is her cat.

9. When Ethan tried Salsa, French Fries, and Whipped Cream. Now this may not sound like something to be happy about but for me (a mother to a son who literally only eats noodles, cheese sandwiches, and strawberries) this was a big achievement. I saw the fear and trembling on his face as he tried them – but he did it and I was so proud.

10. Glee

11. That baby Ethan picture. He came in our “pre-digital-camera-era.” So I have very few pictures of him on our computer. I found this one today and had to scan it in. Love that little guy.

12. The look on Tyler’s face when he bit into his first Cadbury Egg. Priceless.


lynsey said...

i see how it is. my knock knock joke or endlessly witty phone conversation comments doesn't make it on the list?

i got you. I GOT YOU.

hey andrea,

knock knock.

(who's there?)

smell mop...

see? funny every time!

Andrea said...

A special comment you left me on a internet site almost made the list Lynard...almost