Monday, June 14, 2010


Today was a really good day.
And I have to be honest. That statement surprises me. With strep throat, a move that is days away, kids home for the summer and the ever-present school for me, I was expecting...well I WASN'T expecting what I got.
On a whim this morning I said, "Whoever goes downstairs and gets mom the packing tape gets 10 points." There wasn't even a second thought. They thundered down the stairs-lured by these mysterious points.
And so it went. I was amazed at what "points" could get these boys to do. They hauled and packed and scrubbed and tidied. All. Day. LONG. I am not joking. I was even able to get Ethan to try foods he has never eaten before with the promise of 500 points. (for a child who eats 3 things this is a BIG deal)
This evening I took them to the store and they could cash in their points for any ice cream they wanted. They even asked if they could eat out of the carton, "Why's your points," I said.
I don't know how long to expect the "point effect" around here. But it was the miracle I needed today. And if I am lucky...maybe it will work again tomorrow!


Shells said...

Awesome idea, you're such a creative mom! :-)

Elise said...

what a great idea!!!!! might have to remember that one for Devin.

Diggin Ethan's shirt, very cute : )

Marci Ward said...

Awesome...i'll have to try this! Glad you got some good helpers for the day.

Anonymous said...

They even got the GOOD ice cream !!
I still love ya SIS. GOLDING and I am still stocking your blog at times .....You are a awsome person and I miss you ! Love Corttney J

The Garner Family said...

Wow, you even went all the way with Blue Bell Ice Cream!!!!! Luckies! I guess now we know why the banks and credit cards and airlines have all adopted point systems :) Although, I don't recall the banks giving me the option of cashing in points for Blue Bell, unfortunately. It's always something lame like plane tickets or gas :)

The Glover's said...

I want to help you out and get points too. Hey sorry I wasn't able to help you move. That weekend was the reunion, but I still want to come out there and see ya. When is a good time?