Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And then there was one...

So its official. I am now the oldest woman on Earth. I have officially sent both my children off to school and the only thing left for me to do is finish up my will and wait..... I know, I know, maybe I am being just a little dramatic.
Honestly, it went very well and considering the shenanigans Ethan and I had last year I am very excited by the idea that it is nearly noon and I haven't received one call from the school.  A modern day miracle.
The kids were so so excited for school. Take a look at this picture...can you just see their enthusiasm?
Yeah. Basically, I am thinking they need to get entered into some contest for being "Exceptionally Photogenic." I was doing all my positive comments to combat the "This is not going to be fun," "I hate school, "What if they laugh at me," "Why are they looking at me" "It's hot" "It smells" kind of complaints coming out of Mr Ethan's mouth. I am sure the parents nearby got a good laugh hearing me say "Being hot is fun, " and "Stinky smells are exciting," and "They are looking at how dashing you are..."
But we did it. And Ethan made it into the school with no one carrying him...which is definitely an improvement...and so I am very very pleased.
So now its just me here at home... well, me and the three crickets I just found in the bathroom.Next week I start a very full semester...and for what feels like the 100th time in this last year... the boys and are on to a brand new stage in our lives. And although it is different and a tad scary, I am so excited to see where it will take us!


Lori McPherson said...

Such handsome little men you are raising. Congrats on your little starting school!

Lori Beth

. said...

what a very big step! I know I will cry buckets when my youngest starts school.
I love the pictures of them walking off to school. you take nice pictures.

lynsey said...

so cute!

i love the last picture where they're running toward their future.

those boys are adorable and i love them.

amandamenghini said...

So glad that this year went better than last year for you! That is a blessing right there...

I can't believe how big they are. Once again I was looking at pictures and found one of ethan's little pirate party. Hard to believe these are those same kids.