Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tag you're it!

Ok so I've been tagged... and for those of you new to the whole blogging experience, like myself, that means that I have to answer these questions about myself... so here goes

Four Jobs
  1. K-Mart(can't believe I am admitting this). I worked at K-Mart twice. I did it for about a year and then couldn't take it anymore. I quit and never looked back...until three months later when my 17 year old bank account was empty. That time it only lasted six months. Can you say, " Attention K-Mart Shoppers we have a Blue Light Special in the K Cafe" No kidding, I really said that!
  2. United Steel Workers Of America - Or better know to us Steel Workers as USWA. No I wasn't a Steel worker, I was their secretary and I have to say that I really liked that job. They were so good to me. The best part is that when I left they gave me a Steel Worker CD titled, " SOLIDARITY ROCKS." It is so hilarious - it's filled with all these songs about how it's awesome to be a Steel Worker. I 'll burn it for anyone interested! HaHa
  3. Western Watts - Really, what else can I say!
  4. BYU-I Testing Center. - That's right I was one of those annoying people who sent you home for an evening shadow or showing your flower print underwear. Don't hate me.
Four Places I've Lived
  1. Illinois
  2. Washington
  3. Idaho
  4. Nevada

Four Movies That I Love
  1. It's A Wonderful Life - All Time Favorite!
  2. Pride and Prejudice - You ask Colin Firth or Kiera Knightly? Both. I could watch them everyday. OK, Actually I do!
  3. Singing In The Rain - Love it!
  4. Love Funny Movies - I can't narrow it down. Napoleon Dynamite, Meet The Parents, School of Rock, Elf...the list goes on and on!
Four Favorite Foods
  1. Chicken Costoletta - Cheesecake Factory
  2. Cookies and Milk - Especially Snickerdoodles
  3. Moonlight Chicken - A family favorite in Illinois. The best Chicken I've had in all my life!
  4. Chimichangas - I always love a good Chimi
Four Movies I Would Love To See
  1. Crash( edited of course...recommended by the Orton's)
  2. Harry Potter 6 and 7- They aren't out yet...that's why I would love to see them!
  3. Schindler's List - edited
  4. Star Wars( OK Don't want to see it at all - but I feel kind of non-human having not seen it)
Four Weird Things About Me( Which four? There are too many!!)
  1. I believe Harry Potter is Real
  2. Can thread a cord through the nose and bring it out my mouth
  3. Love Love Love Old movies and music - well Preston thinks that's weird
  4. Major Klutz - I had at LEAST - one trip to the hospital a year every year growing up.
Four Favorite TV Shows
  1. The Office-
  2. Food Network - Not really a show but it's the main thing I love to watch
  3. American Idol
  4. Antiques Roadshow - Don't say it!
Four Places I'd Rather Be
  1. Europe - Especially Spain
  2. Visiting our families(Seattle in the Summer and Illinois in the Fall)
  3. At a Spa
  4. New York City -I've never been and really want to.
Four People I Am Tagging
  1. Kelly
  2. Triana
  3. Katie
  4. Lindsey

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