Sunday, September 30, 2007

Missing A Leg

OK... I want to preface this comment that in no way am I making fun of or criticizing members of my ward! It's just that something very funny happened today and I had to share. in Sunday school we had a really great lesson on Hebrews. We were discussing how to overcome temptations. So I am going to introduce the two characters of this story.
  • Teacher - Awesome teacher. I love his lessons. He is smart and knows absolutely everything about the gospel.

  • Man - Well, this guy is very old and sometimes says things that make you pretty uncomfortable. He is also missing one leg.The Teacher is so good at ignoring his comments or turning them into something good. It's actually amazing.
So here is how it went down

Teacher: So how do we avoid temptation? What do we need to do?
Man: Pray.
(At this point I am like Wow he said a good answer. Then he continues)
Man: Like you have to pray if you lose something. Like if you lose your need to pray to find it.
Teacher: Yeah, prayer is good!
Preston just looked at me and was like, " WHAT?" It was pretty funny. Good times in Sunday School.


The Holloways said...

HOW did you keep a straight face?!?! I would have died laughing...

campblondie said...

I love your ward! I am fashioning some pool noodles into a breast plate as we speak.

benseyleb (really just lynsey is typing) said...

you guys really have the funniest things happen to you. i mean you had to be there for this. just like the "i'm a survivor" fast and testimony meeting. priceless.

Anonymous said...

Um, that story is not funny. My roommate in college lost a leg in a very serious Segway accident. Apparently she was street racing with some Asian dude on a Vespa, and she was going to fast and hit an orange traffic cone on the sidewalk and literally went flying off the Segway. She landed on her knee, and the impact of the fall was so intense that her shin went flying through the air. The Asian kid on the Vespa spent twenty minutes looking for her shin on the street.

My roommate told me that she prayed to God that her leg would be found, and IT WAS. So hey, don't knock the old guy who prays for his lost leg. Maybe some Asian dude on a Vespa will pull up in his driveway with his long lost leg.

All I'm saying is that it could happen.