Monday, October 1, 2007 I said when I started this blog one of it's purposes was to help me to be better at keeping a journal. One of my biggest regrets is that I haven't been better at recording all the hilarious things my kids say and do. So in an effort to rectify this situation here is something cute Ethan said today.
We were reading scriptures before bed and the verse said that Lehi prayed with all his heart. So I asked the boys what they thought that meant. Preston, trying to explain to Ethan said, "Well, he prayed with everything he had." Ethan then said, " So.. did he pray with his feet too?"

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Cory and Kristin said...

Ohh how sweet! I love how kids think so literal, they are so innocent. I love that story oh and I loved your entry about the one legged man in sunday school I about died, that is funny!