Monday, December 31, 2007

Year in Review

I got my journal out today...and was so embarrassed to see that it hasn't been written in since August!! I am GOING to better at that next year. But I was thinking about everything that has happened this year(and most of it not recorded in the journal) and thought I might do a year in review for the blog. Like a big catch up session. It was really fun to remember all that we have done this year and see how much the boys have changed in the last 12 months.
1. The first event of this year...was our big move from Washington to Arizona. I remember it being a LONG drive in a small car.I remember being both excited at exploring a new place, very sad to leave our family in Washington, and nervous about Arizona's heat. Ethan was devastated to leave his grandma and kept saying, "Mommy my heart hurts." I hated to see him so heart broken. We took over a lease on a very small apartment and lived there for a little over three months while our house was built. One of my favorite memories of those three months was the fact that Preston and I slept on the ground(not even a mattress) for three weeks. Finally we got our mattress and we slept on our mattress in the dining room. I remember Bob and Jaqui and their two girls coming and looking for a place to move into and while they were there Ethan and Tyler slept in the bathroom. Tyler in the tub and Ethan right next to the toilet. Those three months made FINALLY moving into the house so much more exciting.
2. The next big event was buying our first house. We bought a speck home so it was only framed when we put down our money. It was so fun to watch it change everyday. I really feel so blessed to finally be in a house. I've loved painting and sometimes repainting when the color didn't turn out quite right, hanging curtains,blinds,chandeliers,and ceiling fans. We're hoping to put a backyard in by this fall.
3.Friends coming and going.Every time we move we've made so many new friends...but with our move to Arizona I wasn't expecting to make so many old friends. My sister, the Orton's, and Bob and Jaqui all moved here after we arrived in February. I really think it helped Ethan get over his heartbreak over grandma to have Lucy and Marcie(his cousins),Macy and Charlie, and Aunt Lindsey to play with. We've also met so many great people here in Arizona.We've loved Casa Grande and all the friends we've made here.

4. Lindsay Owen's Wedding. That was a big event for me. Lindsay was my best friend in high school and she joined the church my senior year and so it was so sweet for me to be with her in the Nauvoo Temple when she was married! Preston and I had my grandma watch our boys and we celebrated our 5 year anniversary while we were in Nauvoo. We stayed in the cutest bed and breakfast for a few days and it was so nice to go out to dinner without having to cut up anyone else's food. I grew up near Nauvoo and I was so excited to show it to Preston, we had a great time.

5. Ethan and Tyler have changed so much this year. Ethan turned four in June and celebrated with a huge Pirate party. He's changed so much and it's been really fun to watch him learn to ride a bike, go to preschool and so much more. Tyler has changed so much this year, he talks now which is a huge accomplishment for him...I was sure that it was never going to happen. He has become such a boy, always growling like a monster, shooting webs at me like Spiderman, and tackling Ethan. Those two have become best friends this year and nothing makes me happier that watching those two love each other.(Also, I would say nothing is more frustrating than when they fight!!)

Wow...this could possibly be the longest blog in the history of blogging!!! Sorry. It's for posterity...right? There were a lot more events of 2007 that I considered blog worthy but considering the book I have just written maybe I better stop here. I really have loved looking back over the pictures of this last year. I am very glad that I started a's inspired me to take so many more pictures, which I was failing at before. This year has been fun...I can't wait to see what's coming next year!


SmileKatieLovesYou said...

You had avery eventful year. I was glad to hear abou it! I am glad that you live in Arizona and I hope you don't move 4 a long time!!


benseyleb (really just lynsey is typing) said...

hey, same background. sweeeeet. i really liked this blog, it made me look back through our year last year. those pictures of ty & ethan are SO adorable. makes me almost want to have a 2nd child. almost. happy new year gizzies! hope 2008 means you guys would finally realize you need to move close to us.