Saturday, January 26, 2008

A face only a mother could love!!!

Today while I cut the missionaries hair, Tyler got into the fudge pops and- the picture says the rest.

These three boys LOVE playing together. Every time Ethan goes out to play with Tyler he always says, "Mom somethings missing." And when I ask what, he always replies, "Hudson. We can't have fun without Hudson!!" They love having a fun boy to play with next door.


Kyle and Bryn Thompson said...

You cut the missionaries hair?? Talented!! How are you? I am so glad you found our blog..I'm new to this but I'm already addicted!! Your boys are adorable!!! Where in Arizona are you living, and how long will you be there? I really wish I was there with you right now...I am SOOO sick of cold winter!

benseyleb (really just lynsey is typing) said...

you should have put "a face all mothers could love" ty's a cutie! what a lucky next-door neighbor you guys have to be able to play with those fellas.

ps-i finished life of pi & as soon as i get a minute to write down my thoughts, you better believe i will!