Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ok the blog has been a bit slow lately so I am taking inspiration from Rachel's blog and posting a new favorite thing everyday. I was thinking in honor of February,THE MONTH OF LOVE, that I would post something I love everyday of the month. I'm starting today( I know, I know, it's not February yet) because the kids are both wiped out watching Ratatouille and I have learned that when both kids are quiet and not breaking something you HAVE to take advantage of it!

Andrea's Favorite # 1

Good Books!! I know this is a pretty general favorite thing but I love them so much I needed them to be my first favorite thing! Now, let's be clear, I am not talking any old book, I am talking about-make you stay up all night reading kind of book, change the way you see the world kind of book, make your heart break kind of book, help you fall in love kind of book, and make you go into the ugly cry kind of book. The thing I love almost as much as books is the library! I have come to grips long ago with the fact that I am a geek (in fact I think that's exactly what Preston told on my last trip to the library) but to me there isn't a place in all the world as AMAZING as the public library. I mean, were talking free books here can't get any better than that, right? I would love to tell you my favorite book but I can't...for two reasons. First, it would be like picking a favorite child...there are so many I love and I could never decide. Second, once I get started talking about those books that I love, you'll never get me stopped. Ask Preston, sometimes when I ask him if I can tell him about the new great book I discovered he actually has to set a time limit! So we'll leave it there...but if you are a fellow book lover you should join my bookclub. I am always looking for people to discuss books with and if your not a book lover...take a trip to the public library TODAY-I promise you won't be disappointed!!!


The Holloways said...

I love it! I am so glad you are taking this month to pick out things you love. I can't wait to read all your entries!

I love the library too--though, it has been hard to go with the kids. It is such a treasure chest of things!

I might try to go this afternoon--I have been wanting to set a goal to try to take all the kids by myself. This might be the oush I needed!

Wendy Kenck said...

I hope Preston is in the top 5!! Brian