Friday, January 18, 2008

Here are some of the questions Ethan has asked today.
  1. "Are you standing up or sitting down when you die?'
  2. "How many people do you think have ever died in the world? Like maybe 4 or something?"
  3. "How long are you in the ground after you die before you go to heaven."
  4. "What are some things that could make you die? Could not eating make you die."(By the way if you didn't know...Ethan doesn't like to eat.)
So basically Ethan must have discovered death today. I am not sure if it's the plan of salvation lesson on Monday or something said today at the fire station but it's definitely on his mind. This was just the beginning of the questions he's asked today. It's so sweet to see his little innocence and how baffled he is by this new found knowledge. It reminds me of how the world must look through their little eyes. Do you remember how fun it was to be little? The world is safe and fair and full of good. Everyone is your friend and germs don't exist. Your biggest responsibility is picking out your own clothes and your biggest stress is finding shoes to match your Barbie's dress, or in Ethan's case finding your perfect BLUE crayon. His curiosity today was a good reminder to me that we are supposed to be like little children. I wish I could see the world through their eyes just for a day... well, I guess I did when I saw the world through their eyes with the 200 pictures they captured on my camera...but that doesn't count.

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campblondie said...

Do you guys listen to a lot of Iron Maiden, or Megadeth?... Just curious.