Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tyler's New Job

The interview process is finally over, after long and strenuous months of interview on top of interview Tyler has finally gotten the job of his dreams. He is now the new Slim-Fast spokesperson!!Here he is after losing 80 lbs. and 3 feet!

They insisted on taking the"here's me in my old jeans" picture. I personally think it's tacky but what slim-fast wants SLIM-FAST gets. I was worried that the drool on his shirt would be problematic for them but they insisted that it shows his, " young carefree side." Hey, they are the professionals...right?


benseyleb (really just lynsey is typing) said...

wow not only did his waist shrink but so did his legs. that is some miraculous stuff! the drool on his shirt is classic.

Kristin said...

I love that he is two (or is he three, I forget?) and still drooling, too cute! Cory and I love reading your blog, it's very entertaining I just thought I'd let you know. My favorite story is of perfect blue, how did that story end, is perfect blue gone?
So I must tell you some thing that I have been meaning to tell you for a long time....I was so grateful that you babysat Eden for us when she was so young. I have recently become more grateful as I am babysitting a little girl, who is now four months old. It's not easy taking over as mommy to these tiny ones, they are very demanding and I realized I was lucky to have met you and that you were willing to babysit for me. I know it was only a few times a month but still we couldn't have made ends meet with out you watching our little Eden. I remember being grateful to write you that small pathetic check at the end of the month knowing my daughter was in good hands. Any way I don't ever remember telling you how grateful I was and if I didn't I'm sorry and if I did, I still tell people about my first babysitter who nick-named my daughter Eden-pants :)
I told the little girls mom who I babysit for I felt I had to "pay it forward" and offer to babysit for some one in need for not very much. So there it is... THANKS!