Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lucy, Marcie, and Owen...this post is for you.
This morning we made you some spring butterflies, the boys saw a picture of them in the highlights magazine and wanted to make them for you. We cut and glued, decorated and perfected these little spring butterflies and then....when it was time to package them up and send them off Ethan began to have some doubts. Our conversation went like this:
Ethan: Momma I think I want to keep these. Imagine how nice they would look in my room.
Me: Ethan, we made these for them- remember?
Ethan: I think we better keep them.(in his sweetest voice)
Me: Remember last week how happy you were when we got those pretty pictures Lucy and Marcie mailed you?
Ethan: Mom, I only get happy when other people are mailing me THEIR stuff. NOT when I am mailing them mine!

So...the butterflies are being help hostage-hopefully in a day or two he will soften up and they will be on their way. Hopefully. If not...Lucy and Marcie you should know that Tyler and I had the best of intentions!


Menghinifamily said...

Apparently that whole 'it is better to give than receive' thing hasn't quite clicked in! So cute though- you guys are so crafty.

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful - you must share with all of us how to make them! You are so crafty!

PS - Happy Late Birthday - hope you enjoyed our song!

PSS - I'm so excited to pick the challenge for April. Any guidelines?

Emily said...
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