Friday, March 14, 2008

One of those days...

Have you ever had one of those days where you find three things broken in your house before noon? A day with whining that you are positive is shortening your life expectancy-where the munchkins in your house need drinks every 5 minutes and pee their pants every 10. A day that when you remember it- it haunts you. A day where you find yourself looking at your ceiling and saying, "Is this really what I was born to do?"
Today was NOT one of those days. I've had those days...I am ashamed to think how many of them I have had-BUT not today. The day was over, I was in bed with a great book about to fall asleep when I had the urge to blog about this-most likely to capture for the Andrea who in future days will find herself speaking to the ceiling again.
It could be because Preston was home-lightening my load today, it could be due to the absence of those extra children I've been tending lately-but today was great. Nothing special happened...I just found myself sad to see my boys go to sleep(you know you've had a good day when that happens!) Today I realized how cute Tyler's raspy voice was. Today I watched Ethan talking to himself in the backseat and wished he would never change. I saw two little brothers choose to play together when they were surrounded by other playmates. I smiled when in a store full of shirts, Ethan picked the only one with a rainbow on it...and laughed when he said,"This shirt is my joy. I think when I wear it I'm gonna conquer the world." (I am being serious...he said that word for word.) This was one of those days that reminded me how much I love being a mom. You need days like this every once in a while...they help you cope when someone smears their diaper or flushes your you remember how darn lucky you are!


The Holloways said...

Oh Andrea! I am SO glad you had such a wonderful, calm, blessing-filled day! When I started reading your blog I was thinking, "YEP--I've had 5 of those days this week!" Obviously those days happen--but I really appreciated your view from the other side. Maybe we are so overwhelmed sometimes on the not so good days that we forget to look at the really good days and react just as much--except in a positive way. Thanks for that lesson...I could sure use a new perspective for today!

Lauren said...

Happy Happy Birthday tom.!! The girls taking you out reminds me of when we were all in high school and all the fun stuff we used to do. I miss that so much! Have a great day!