Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Ethan was excited this morning - he had an,"amazing" dream last night.

"Momma, this dream was amazing. First, you were putting makeup on - getting ready for Young Women all day. Then, Dad was a magician and he was doing magic all day. Momma, he was so good at his magic. Then, there was this heart, you know the one from The Wizard of OZ, the heart that goes to the Tin Man. Remember it, Momma? Well, this heart was sitting on a chair and it was looking at me all the just kept looking and looking! Then it started dancing and dancing all day long. Then the dancing heart turned into a dog and it started dancing too. And Dad was still doing his magic and you were still putting on your makeup and you guys couldn't see all the crazy stuff that was happening. Then the whole house started dancing and was going crazy. Momma, it was the best thing in all my 100 years."

Interpretations anyone?


The Holloways said...

Hmmm...that's a toughy. Maybe he is really inspired and you are going to be in some high up YW calling, and Preston will have amazing powers with his priesthood and the deepest of his heart REALLY wants a dog--and that would make his heart dance all day long. And...okay, really who knows? That boy is a genius!

Anonymous said...

way to stay home and eat all of the chips.