Monday, April 7, 2008

The weekend in pictures...

The Kelly Orton Birthday Celebration!
"Wow! That shirt's workin' hard"(The funniest line of the night)

The Gingerbread houses Preston and the boys made while I was out with Kelly... decorated with old Valentine's and Easter Candy...3 holiday's in one!

The boys trying to be patient Saturday afternoon as we waited to get into Deseret Book's Ladies Night.

The free book they gave me at Ladies Night!

Where I wish I was this weekend!
Wasn't conference amazing? Loved it!


The Holloways said...

Sounds like...I mean LOOKS like a SUPER FUN weekend! Give the Kelly O a birthday wish from me!

campblondie said...

A good time indeed! Thanks again, my mouth is still watering for the chicken.

benseyleb said...

great picture of you & lady orton! so did anyone's mom happen to tell off the lady holding the microphone at ladies night? oh wait, that was so 2004....and it was my mom. eek. but congrats on winning that book!

ps-i think i scared preston a couple of nights ago & even though i was trying to be funny, i am quite sure i crossed the line of appropriate questions to ask after i am told "andrea has gone to bed" on the phone. tell him i'm sorry!

Sha said...

I sure wish they had a Deseret Book out here. It looks like you (and the boys) had a lot of fun! I love the gingerbread house idea. Who says it's only for the Christmas season?

Wendy Kenck said...

I LOVE that book. I gave it to Mom one year because it was so good!