Monday, June 2, 2008

Ethan has been begging me for something lately. What does a near 5 year old little boy want so desperately? Toys? Movies? A Trip to Disneyland?

Good Guesses but NOPE!!! Ethan has been begging me for a Chore Chart. Yep, that's right he is dying for a work order!!! Who is this boy? He has even bargained with me, " Mom if I go to bed really good for a week will you please give me a chore chart?"

You may be wondering what the heck is wrong with me. "Why hasn't she given the boy a chore chart," you may ask. I'm asking that of myself too. I recognize, acknowledge, and accept the fact that there are mothers all over the world who are begging their sons to," Please clean your room," who are bargaining and bribing these sons in hopes that they will just make their bed once a month...I have no excuse - I am filled with shame.

So this afternoon I told Ethan that I needed to deep clean the bathroom and this my dear friends is what I discovered a few minutes later....



bensey said...

WOW. enjoy this while it lasts. and when he finishes your bathroom, fed ex him over to my house & he can start on ours. what a good boy!

Rachel H. said...

DANG you lucky girl! HOW DOES ONE MANAGE!?!?! :) I say if this is the kind of kid you produce, you should be a baby making machine! :) And then set up a throne for yourself with big fans and purple grapes--lots of them...and let the little ones work around you. :)


Emily said...

Ethan is awesome! Whatever you are doing with your kids is working. Care to share some of your secrets???