Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Uno, Dos, Tres...
How to play this game. Post these rules on your blog; List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.

1. Cuddled up with the green quilt, the air conditioning on full throttle, and reading a really good book(Seriously does it get any better than that)
2. Nothing makes me happier then when my boys love each other.
3. Eating out. Sad I know, that it is on my top 3 joys but I love, love, LOVE, eating out. I love just sitting and talking while you wait, I love that I don't have to clean it up, I love that everyone can eat something different and I don't have to make it!

1. Losing someone I love....haven't dealt with that in life yet.
2.Losing my teeth. I have this reoccurring nightmare where I fall down the stairs in front of a group of people, stand up and all my teeth are on the ground...I get stressed just thinking about that dream.
3. Failing my children. Probably my biggest fear is that I won't raise my children right... that due to something I did they will become criminals.

1. This one is more like a dream...to travel to Europe-especially to Spain with Preston one day.
2. To not eat the rest of the cheesecake in the refrigerator...it's calling my name!
3. Spend more quality time with my children.

1. Books. Seriously, I get a little too excited to go to the library. I LOVE coming home with a bag so full of books that I can hardly carry it.
2. Egg Rolls...I haven't eaten one yet BUT they are all I can think about these last few weeks.
3. Vampires and Werewolves....I'll just leave it there.

3 Surprising Facts About Yourself
(This is hard...I think people who know me would find VERY little surprising)
1.I'm a major klutz and spent a good portion of my childhood visiting the hospital! (Really are you surprised?)
2. I've always dreamt of writing a book - I'm working on a really good one about a boy named Harry who's a wizard...I'll let you read it when I'm finished.
3.Brad Pitt is my brother...shhhh don't tell anyone he likes to keep it a secret.

I tag - Amanda, Katie, Kelly, Lynsey and Lindsey


Rachel H. said...

You are SO funny!!!!

OH--AND p.s. I too LOVE eating out...I know it's totally unhealthy and more costly in the long run, but MAN It's got some serious PERKS!

Lizzie said...

when you say "kelly" do you mean your sweet innocent little cousin? or someone else?

bensey said...

you & brad have the same 6 pack...i KNEW i recognized it somewhere.

i will hup-to the tag as soon as i can.

The Mortensen's said...

I have that same nightmare! In fact last time in my dream I had to get pictures done or something and we were scrambling trying to hide the fact that all my teeth had fallen out!!! I feel ya though...it is scary!

Blaine & Angie Hamblin said...

Love reading your blogs! Funny girl. I'm with you and Rachel, love eating out. Luckily Blaine is strong enough to limit me or else we'd be living on the street, but still eating out. Hmmm...... is that a fair trade?

lizS said...

what mother doesn't love eating out? for all the reasons that are listed! (i'm john's wife by the way, dunno if i introduced myself yet) and i was a dental assistant before i was a mom, and guess what? if you have a bad dream about your teeth, 90% of the time, there is something wrong with them! true fact. your subconscience is trying to tell you something. now, it could be you just need a cleaning, so don't freak! but i thought i'd throw that in there to fuel your paranoia, lol!

Jeffrey said...

Once again, I know an excellent Dentist.