Friday, July 18, 2008

After my last attempt at French pastry I checked out Sherry Yard's "The Secrets of Baking" and decided to take it a step further and make croissants. Real Croissants. They were a lot of work and a bit more difficult than the Danish but it was definitely a user friendly recipe and worth all the effort!

A neat trick she teaches - if you cut an x in the dough it helps you roll it out to the perfect shape.

The butter block - 4 sticks!! It gives you all those flaky layers!
Wrap it up like a present... a warm, buttery, fattening present.

24 hours and several steps later they are ready to rise.

Believe me, they didn't stay under that lid long!


lizS said...

mmmm, those look soooo yummy! you can be my pastry chef when i open my restaurant!

Rachel H. said...

tHOSE LOOK so GOOD...I just don't know if I could dare attempt. You seriously have this baking thing DOWN! :)