Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm Sorry

Little Ethan got turned to Kindergarten terms that means he was talking to the new "girwl" who was sitting next to him and got a warning. I didn't know if I should jump for joy or be upset. I mean, one of my biggest nightmares as a parent is having the "crazy" remember him, the crazy boy in your class who drove the teacher insane... But at the same time during parent teacher conferences his teacher said that he "never" talked and when ever I ask about his friends he always informs me, " Mom!! I don't have any yet!" So I have to admit when he told me he was talking I was kinda happy. BUT the next day he came home with a yellow slip again...apparently this little gal is irresistible and he was talking once again. was his idea of how he could "fix" it. It seems to have worked, he hasn't had a yellow since! Pretty darn adorable.

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bensey said...

melts my heart! the combo of that cute letter with his cute face would make any person grateful to be his teacher.